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Colloidal Silver for Oral Health

I am an anti-dentite, and like millions of Americans I will do anything and everything I can to avoid going to the dentist. They are just so intrusive. They invade my personal space with their drills and cold needles, and tout oral health care behind their giant smiling teeth. NEWSFLASH! I like taffy and I hate floss. Stop giving me floss!

So my general tactic for avoiding the dentist is prevention. I brush my teeth a few times a day coupled with mouthwash has really prevented major damage to my teeth and gums, and yet I'm still vulnerable to cavities and tooth aches. Fear drove me to research better mouthwashes and products, but the results were a little disheartening.

I currently use an alcohol based mouthwash. I never gave much thought to it, and I can only assume that it does the job. After reading a few articles on-line I was surprised to find that alcohol-based mouthwash causes cancer. We all know alcohol is a known carcinogen, and since you swish the green liquid in your mouth for a few minutes, your mouth is much more perceptible to various cancers. It turns out that alcohol kills 99.9% bacteria in your mouth, so the .1 % left over that survive are more likely to mutate and grow tolerances. Plus, alcohol leads to a dry mouth, which leads to the stop of the salivating process, and halitosis.

So what is a man suppose to do to avoid the dentist? Colloidal Silver? I’ve never heard of it, and yet, a cure all praised by medical and holistic professionals.

Colloidal Silver supplements are typically silver particles in a form of a solution or pill. What makes colloidal silver so great is it’s oligodynamic effect. When silver and other metals interact with bacteria and viruses, the chemical composition acts like a scrambler. It disrupts the metabolic cell processes of these bacteria, killing them in the process.

Colloidal Silver works similarly in your mouth. By gargling and swishing it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing, the silver coats the cell walls of bacteria. By blocking enzyme receptor sites the silver slowly suffocates these bacteria.

As you can tell there are many practical uses for silver ranging from cleaning open wound sites to general health and body wellness. Other metals like copper or lead have similar oligodynamic properties, but silver is the safest among humans. I must warn you, as will everything else, a chronic excess amount of silver does have some adverse effects. Silver builds up within your body and these particles turn your skin blue/brown when exposed to sunlight. Please read all directional product labels before taking any silver products, or consult your physician.

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