Children's Attention & Focus Vitamin Bundle

Children's Attention & Focus Vitamin Bundle

We know that you want the best for your child and their overall physical and mental health and well-being! That's why, at Liquid Health, we have created the perfect Children's Attention & Focus Bundle to get your kids the essential vitamins and minerals to reach their full potential day in and day out!

The Liquid Health Children's Attention & Focus Bundle contains the following top-selling products from our range of great-tasting, liquid vitamin supplements scientifically formulated to absorb 10x faster than regular, tablet-form, vitamins. Bundle & Save Now!


Children's Complete Multiple


Your Kid Deserves The Best & Nothing’s Better Than Liquid Vitamins.

Vitamins in Liquid form like this Children’s Complete Multiple Multivitamin for kids give your little one the highest absorption and potency compared to any other supplement including chewables and gummies. In fact, this liquid vitamin digests in minutes, not hours, and is cold-processed to keep every nutrient molecule intact. Alternative vitamins like tablets, chewables, and gummy vitamins absorb at a rate of only 10-20% compared to our liquid vitamins for kids which have a 96% absorption rate.

Give Your Kid The Nourishment They Need With One Single Delicious Supplement.

This highly absorbable Children’s Vitamin ranks first for its full-spectrum vitamin and mineral support for kiddos. When we say it’s packed full of nutrition, we mean it. This delicious, naturally-sweetened kids liquid multivitamin contains 12 essential vitamins, 68 vital minerals, 24 fruit, 3 superfruit, and 6 vegetable extracts, plus 17 amino acids that are the building blocks of protein. What’s better is that your child’s body will actually absorb these nutrients and get the value of these incredible ingredients. These ingredients are so natural, each amber glass bottle needs to be refrigerated after opening



Gives Kids The Focus & Nourishment They Need In One Single Delicious Supplement.

This highly absorbable multivitamin kids liquid Attention is jam packed with a full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals for growing kiddos and a few one-of-a-kind nutrient blends to boost their focus, concentration, and calm behavior. This delicious, naturally-sweetened Mango Tangerine liquid contains enhanced-focus kids vitamins like calcium for kids and magnesium supplements for kids derived from Aquamin Seawater extract and completely natural sources. When it comes to kids concentration vitamins and focus kids vitamins, they

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