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When taking vitamins for sleep, it’s important to get pure ingredients, backed by science, in just the right doses. Liquid Health takes pride in doing just this.

When it comes to sleep science, melatonin is one of the most rigorously tested supplements in existence. We source exceptional melatonin for our blends, to help you fall asleep faster and get a more restful night. We’re also very careful with our dosage. This is one ingredient you want just enough of and not too much of.

Other companies stop there for sleep, but we went to nature to take our blends one step further. It turns out certain fruits, flowers, plants, and roots also can help the mind and body rest into stillness. That’s why we tap into ingredients like tart cherry, passion flower, and valerian root. And finally, we include L-Theanine, an incredible natural calming ingredient typically found in green & black tea and some mushrooms.

We source from the USA whenever possible, as long as it meets our high standard. We always pull ingredients directly from nature, unless for a scientific reason that we explain to you. We try for organic wherever we can. We always opt for the most effective form, even when it costs more to produce.


When you want the most restful night sleep, for recovery and long term health


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