When taking vitamins for immunity, it’s important to tap into everything mother nature has to offer. Liquid Health has a special passion for this, exploring the forest, ocean, and land to find powerful ingredients that support your immune system.

One such signature ingredient is our berry blend. We ultra-concentrate European elderberries and maqui berries, a superfruit harvested in Patagonia. Packed with polyphenols and anthocyanin, one serving is equivalent to eating 50 berries.

Another powerful ingredient we tap into is maitake mushroom. Used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for thousands of years, modern science points to this mushroom having a positive effect on overall immunity. Our extract contains unique beta glucan fractions that support an immuno-modulating effect.

Finally, we like to use a flavonoid and polyphenol rich honey and aloe juice. This awesome liquid base gives additional free-radical fighting immune support.

We source from the USA whenever possible, as long as it meets our high standard. We always pull ingredients directly from nature, unless for a scientific reason that we explain to you. We try for organic wherever we can. We always opt for the most effective form, even when it costs more to produce.


When you want to tap into nature to keep your immune defenses strong

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