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Welcome to your new home of vitamin learning

We’ve done enough research to last you three lifetimes

Are you like us and feel compelled to know more about vitamins? We’ve been obsessed with the topic of vitamin ingredients and formulations for over two decades. And we think it’s only right you get to share in the knowledge.


It’s time to lift the veil

For too long, vitamin companies have kept the stuff they put into their pills, tablets, and gummies a mystery for their consumers. Liquid Health has a different philosophy. We think it’s your right to know where our ingredients are found, what makes them special, and how we approach quality.

Our values & philosophy
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Beans and legumes in big yellow sacks
by Liquid Health

How Legumes Affect The Body

Man with headache laying on a brown lather sofa
by Liquid Health

Tips for Fighting the Winter Blues

Man in blue shorts hiking and running on rocky mountain
by Liquid Health

Should You Take A B-Complex Supplement?

Woman running next to a beach and green field
by Liquid Health

Pros and Cons of Running

Sunset on a yellow country field
by Liquid Health

Why Should You Wake Up Earlier

Old woman and old man sitting on a bench watching the mountain
by Liquid Health

Tips for Healthy Aging

People stretching on yoga mats - foods for sustained energy
by Liquid Health

What To Eat For More Energy

Healthy meal in a bowl with cashew and pomegranate
by Liquid Health

Healthy Alternatives for Your Meals

Man enjoying sunset with hand raised
by Liquid Health

How Vitamin D Affects The Body

Woman with green eye looking at the camera
by Liquid Health

Ways to Care for Your Eyesight

Man holding device for making coffee
by Liquid Health

How Cocoa Affects The Body

Desk with agenda, notebook and headphones
by Liquid Health

Making And Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Woman cooking on an inox stove
by Liquid Health

A Closer Look at the Mediterranean Diet

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