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Child Prodigy Health + Focus Vitamin Bundle

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As parents, we always want our children to have the best when it comes to their health and development. That's why Liquid Health has created the Child Prodigy Health + Focus Vitamin Bundle, a powerful combination of three of our best-selling supplements: Organic Iodine Drops, Attention for Teens and Kids, and Children's Complete Multiple.

The first supplement in this bundle is Organic Iodine Drops, made with natural, plant-based ingredients that provide essential nutrition for healthy thyroid function, metabolism, growth, and development. Iodine is also necessary for healthy brain function and cognitive development, and unfortunately, many children do not get enough iodine in their diet, which can lead to developmental delays and learning disabilities. That's why Liquid Health's Organic Iodine Drops are an essential supplement for your child's health and well-being.

The second supplement in the bundle is Attention for Teens and Kids, a unique formula specifically designed to support healthy brain development and focus. This supplement is made with a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have been shown to improve cognitive function. Some key ingredients in Children's Complete Attention include vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, and DMAE, all of which have been shown to improve focus, memory, and learning.

The third and final supplement in the bundle is the Children's Complete Multiple, which provides essential vitamins and minerals that kids need for healthy growth and development. It also contains natural, plant-based ingredients like organic fruits and vegetables that provide nutrient-dense nutrition. Plus, Liquid Health's Children's Complete Multiple is liquid for maximum absorption and is free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, nuts, and other common allergens.

Give your child the best start in life with Liquid Health's Child Prodigy Health + Focus Vitamin Bundle! This bundle provides your child with essential nutrients vital for healthy development and focus. The Organic Iodine Drops help support brain development, while the Attention helps improve focus and cognitive function. The Children's Complete Multiple provides additional vitamins and minerals to promote growth and development. With this bundle, you can be sure your child is getting everything they need to stay healthy, focused, and ready to take on the world!

Get your Child Prodigy Health + Focus Vitamin Bundle today from Liquid Health for a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health in your child!

 Organic Nascent Iodine Drops

Energy, Clarity, Metabolism & Balance: Give your body what it needs. The body doesn't produce iodine, so taking an iodine supplement is essential for many that don't get enough in their diet. Iodine deficiencies can lead to exhaustion, weight gain, dry skin, and even more issues that can be prevented. With just a couple of flavorless drops each day, you'll keep your iodine levels in check.

Children's Complete Multiple

 This highly absorbable Children's Vitamin ranks first for its full-spectrum vitamin and mineral support for kiddos. When we say it's packed full of nutrition, we mean it. This delicious, naturally-sweetened kids' liquid multivitamin contains 12 essential vitamins, 68 vital minerals, 24 fruit, 3 superfruit, and 6 vegetable extracts, plus 17 amino acids that are the building blocks of protein. What's better is that your child's body will absorb these nutrients and get the value of these incredible ingredients. These ingredients are so natural that each amber glass bottle needs to be refrigerated after opening.


This highly absorbable multivitamin is jam-packed with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for growing kiddos and a few one-of-a-kind nutrient blends to boost their focus, concentration, and calm behavior. This delicious, naturally-sweetened Mango Tangerine liquid contains vitamins like calcium for kids and magnesium supplements for kids derived from Aquamin Seawater extract and completely natural sources.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Child Prodigy Health + Focus Vitamin Bundle?

The Child Prodigy Health + Focus Vitamin Bundle is a bundle of three liquid supplements designed to support brain development, focus, and overall health in children. The pack includes  Organic Nascent Iodine Drops, Children's Complete Multiple, and Attention for Kids and Teens.

What are Organic Iodine Drops?

Organic Iodine Drops are a liquid supplement that contains iodine, an essential mineral that supports brain development, thyroid function, and overall well-being. It's specially formulated for children.

What is Children's Complete Multiple?

Children's Complete Attention is a liquid multivitamin supplement designed specifically for children. It contains a blend of essential vitamins and minerals that support overall health and well-being. It's formulated to be easy to swallow and can be mixed with juice or water for convenience.

How do I use the Child Prodigy Health + Focus Vitamin Bundle?

Each supplement in the pack can be taken separately or together, depending on your needs. The recommended dosage for Children’s Complete Multiple is based on age: 1-4 year: 1/2 tablespoon and age 4-12: 1 tablespoon. Take 3 drops of the Organic Nascent Vegan Iodine Liquid Drops, daily. The dosage for Attention is based on weight: Less than 40 lbs: 2 teaspoons; 40 to 100 lbs: 1 tablespoon; 100 to 200 lbs: 1 1/2 tablespoons; Adults/200+ lbs: 2 tablespoons.

Are these supplements safe for children to take?

Yes, these supplements are safe for children when used as directed. However, it's always important to consult with your child's healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

Are these supplements vegan-friendly?

All the supplements are vegan-friendly.

Can these supplements be taken with medication?

As with any supplement, it's important to consult with your child's healthcare provider before giving Organic Iodine Drops or Children's Complete Attention if your child is currently taking medication. Some ingredients in the supplements may interact with certain medications.

Are there any side effects to taking these supplements?

These supplements are generally well-tolerated, but some children may experience mild side effects such as upset stomach or headache. If your child experiences any severe or persistent side effects, stop giving the supplements and consult with your child's healthcare provider.

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