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Your Guide to Vitamin A Benefits and Vitamin D3 Benefits

Vitamins such as vitamin A, D and D3 are one of the most important organic compounds which our body needs without fail for normal growth and maintenance of our body and Vitamin A benefits, Vitamin D3 benefits, Vitamin D deficiency thereby can affect the body tremendously.

It is said that you are what you eat and in today's world, this saying holds very true. Lives have become so busy that somewhere down the line people do not really take care of themselves on account of unhealthy eating habits and an unbalanced diet lacking important nutrients like vitamins and minerals. The bottom line is that since we do not have a clear picture about Vitamin A benefits, Vitamin D3 benefits, Vitamin D deficiency, we don't even think about considering vitamin supplements to keep things functioning in our body and these vitamins are pretty much the building blocks for our bodies, without which a lot of processes would come to a stand still leading to health problems.

Let's walk through Vitamin A benefits, Vitamin D3 benefits, and a Vitamin D deficiency today and have a quick look at how these vitamins affect how our body functions.

1. Vitamin A Benefits

Also known as Retinol, vitamin A plays a major role in maintaining good immune health, cell growth, and improving vision. Antioxidants like retinol are required by the body in necessary doses and improves immunity. Vitamin A causes lymphocytic responses thereby acting against disease causing antigens. It enhances the job of white blood cells and acts by a double action by preventing the entry of microorganisms inside the body as well as destroying them if they have already gained an entry. Vitamin A also may help to improve your vision! Retinol as the word suggests has a very close relationship with the retina. It also prevents the eyes from getting dry and may even improve your night vision.

Vitamin A may also help in improving your skin, it helps keep your body free from free radicals, acne, and scars. It may also help prevent aging skin by keeping it moisturized, soft, and supple. It can also play a key role in strengthening your teeth and bones. Vitamin A deficiency can cause some of the following; night blindness, burning or itching sensation of the eyes, brittle nails, fatigue, depression, and insomnia.

2. Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Also known as cholecalciferol, is useful in improving the overall health of a person. It is a precursor of vitamin D and is produced by a conversion of cholesterol present in the skin. Vitamin D3 is further converted into calcidiol after which our kidneys convert this calcidiol into an active form of vitamin D. As a result, the benefits of vitamin D3 are the same as those of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 deficiency may cause depression, back pain, muscle weakness, and often affects the cognitive functions of adults.

3. Vitamin D Benefits

Who wouldn't want to have strong teeth and a strong body? Also known as the 'sunshine vitamin', vitamin D is very important for the proper growth and maintenance of bones and teeth as well. Some vitamin D benefits include regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in your body, helps improve your immune system, nervous system, and your brain. And last but not least, it also helps support the functioning of your cardiovascular system and your lungs. A vitamin D deficiency can cause cognitive impairment and achy bones.

Now that we have discussed Vitamin A benefits, Vitamin D3 benefits, a Vitamin D deficiency, you must have realized that these fat soluble vitamins can make or break your health. Whenever there are fluctuations in the levels of any of these vitamins.

With our lives becoming more and more busy and we not being able to provide our body with a balanced diet rich in vitamins, we are making our bodies prone to deficiencies and the problems related to it. Taking liquid vitamin supplements will not only give us vitamin A benefits, Vitamin D3 benefits, but a Vitamin D deficiency will be also kept away from our bodies, it is very important for your body to consume regular dosages of these important vitamins by using appropriate liquid vitamins and supplements to make sure that your body has enough supply of these vitamins.

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