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Wholesale Pet Supplements

Our pets are living longer thanks to improved
nutrition from wholesale pet supplements. While a high-quality diet may provide
the foundation for good health for your pets, it may not deliver the targeted
support they need. With this in mind, adding supplements to your pet’s daily
diet can support their well-being at any stage. We offer a wide range of unique,
veterinary-formulated wholesale pet supplements. Our sophisticated formulas
together with innovative delivery systems have positioned us as the market
leader in the region. If your business wants to benefit from this growing
market, our manufacturing capability will meet your requirements.

Why our wholesale pet supplements are popular

There is a rising popularity of wholesale pet products
since most pet owners are aware of the benefits of providing their little
friends with supplements. This is why we source the best ingredients that meet your standards. Also, our products are manufactured in FDA-compliant and GMP compliant facility. This means our products meet and surpass the industry standards. Almost no other pet company in the segment makes their products this way. Just like the human products, we follow strict manufacturing guidelines when making pet supplements.
That said, our products are safe, nutrient-rich, and are well-formulated.

Who would benefit from our wholesale pet supplements?

We offer low wholesale pricing for any wholesale pet supplements to retailers and resellers. This will ensure you make a good profit when you sell the products to the end consumer. What’s more, we understand that your business needs to make sales and satisfy the ever-growing customer list. Once you come on-board, we’ll provide you with a dedicated account executive to support you during the production process. You’ll also enjoy 2 to 4 weeks turnaround
time depending on your product specifications. Every product comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We recommend that you try our products and decide for yourself.

Health benefits of our wholesale pet supplements

· Increase in energy levels

When pets get a boost to their energy levels, they’ll
get the exercise they need.

· Promotes a healthy skin coat

If your pets are shedding the excess skin or fur, we
have the right product for them. Once you administer the supplements, your pet’s skin will improve significantly.

· Builds stronger immune system

Our supplements can improve the immune system which
makes the pet get rid of infections

· Strengthens the bones and joints to
improve mobility

· Improves the digestive function of your

Benefits of starting a pet supplement business

With a variety of pet products in the market, it’s
no wonder the pet supplement industry continues to grow. Here are some
advantages of setting up a pet supplements business;

· Comes with low startup costs

· Once you build your business model, you
can choose which products to stock

· You’ll offer personalized service to
your clients. This leads to more interactions at a personal level. Plus, you’ll
establish a rapport with members of your community who own pets and needs your supplements.

· You can sell your supplements including online
stores, and veterinarian offices

· Excellent way of earning extra income

· You’ll be your own boss

How to market your pet supplement business

Your ultimate goal should be to place your products ahead
of your competitors. Here are the most effective ways of differentiating your
product from the rest;

· Affiliate programs

Why not pay other people to spread the word for you?
You can pay bloggers and website owners a percentage of any sale that comes through their site.

· Great packaging and label design

Having an eye-catching label makes your product
unique. Before you hire a graphic designer, you should do a little research to
understand the color choices that are being used by your competitors.

· Have a strong digital presence

The value of digital presence cannot be understated.
Spread the message across all social media platforms. Remember, authenticity
and transparency can go a long way when connecting with your customers.

Why choose us as your wholesale pet supplements

We utilize the latest advances in nutritional
science and apply state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to produce quality products that are unheard of in the pet industry. Besides that, we’ve put together pet industry professionals to find real solutions to an ever-growing pet health dilemma.

We have worked with thousands of start-ups to create specialized services for new and existing businesses. On the other hand, we’ll help you find the best ingredients at the best possible price. We also utilize cold processing technology to ensure all nutrients are retained. Our products do not just treat the symptoms, but also the source of the problem.

Just give us a call or send us an email and someone
will get back to you right away!

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