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What Is NutraFlora®?

With today's ever-changing supplement market, many people want to know what NutraFlora is and is a NutraFlora supplement safe. Read on to get a brief overview of important things to know about NutraFlora, what it is and how you may benefit from it.

Eating more fiber is something we could all probably stand to do, but do we know why it's so good for us? Fiber is a nutrient that can be found naturally in foods like fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Aside from helping a person maintain healthy digestive health, getting adequate amounts of fiber can provide you with a number of other health benefits as well, including improved calcium absorption and a stronger immune system.

Sometimes you may not be getting enough fiber from food sources which is when supplemental fiber can be helpful. Products that contain NutraFlora provide the benefits of fiber and are included Liquid Health's Complete Multiple, Children's Complete Multi, Immune Balance 365 and Prenatal Multi. According to NutraFlora's website, this “prebiotic fiber is a short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS®) derived from beet or cane sugar using non-GMO ingredients and a traditional natural fermentation method.”

NutraFlora is ideal for liquid supplements such as Liquid Health's because of it's ability to be easily and quickly dissolved in water. It also provides a little natural sweetening since it's 30% as sweet as sugar. NutraFlora works when “the scFOS passes through most of your digestive tract until it reaches the large intestine (colon), where it feeds the probiotic “good for you” bacteria naturally found there,” according to the NutraFlora website.

In addition to supporting your digestive system, NutraFlora “increases calcium absorption by making the intestinal environment more acidic, keeping minerals in a digestible form longer. NutraFlora also increases a calcium binding protein, thus allowing more calcium to pass through the intestinal wall.” As little as 3 grams of NutraFlora can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis by significantly improving your ability to absorb calcium. NutraFlora is one of many high quality nutritional ingredients that Liquid Health uses in their liquid vitamin supplements in order to bring you the best health benefits possible.

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