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What is Aquamin™?

One of the brand-name ingredients included in Liquid Health Children's Complete Multiple is Aquamin. Sometimes it can be confusing to read product labels with these brand names and not know what they are or what they do. Today I'll share a little about Aquamin and why it is included in this wonderful whole food children's multiple supplement.

According to the Aquamin website, “Aquamin is a natural multi-mineral ingredient derived from the red algae Lithothamnion. Containing calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals, its sustainable seaweed source is farmed off the Icelandic Westfjords and clinically proven to improve bone, joint and digestive health.” Because children's bones are still growing and developing when they are young, including Aquamin in a product like Children's Complete Multiple is beneficial to help with their long-term bone health.

Liquid Health's Children's Complete Multiple contains 44mg/serving of this highly bio-available product. The various minerals in this product “work in synergy, so the overall health benefits are enhanced.” according to the Aquamin website. This non-GMO, organic, natural multi-mineral ingredient provides a number of health benefits that have been shown in numerous clinical trials. Results of these trials can be found on the Aquamin website.

In addition to containing Aquamin for bone health, Liquid Health's Children's Complete Multiple also contains twice the daily recommended intake of Vitamin D as well as NutraFlora, which helps to enhance calcium absorption. Calcium is crucial to developing and maintaining healthy bones, especially in children. Starting early can do a lot to ensure your child will grow up with healthy and strong bones, so do what you can now.

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