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What Everybody Should Know About GMOs

I remember a few months ago I got into it with this venture capitalist. We were talking about GMOs and I was speaking about the dangers of modified corn crops. He was adamantly defending the benefits of “Super Corn” and then he asked me if I was “Pro-Starvation”. This conversation did not go well. It ended with him calling me a liberal hipster, and we parted ways. So who was right? The answer might surprise you.

Genetically modified organism, GMOs for short, has been the topic of serious debate over the last few years. Supporters of GMOs rant and rave about its resiliency to natural conditions, the longevity of its shelf life and the end of chemical pesticides, while scientists and organic health nuts are touting the dangers and life threatening side effects of these modified products. As consumers we must be very careful about the products we purchase because these GMOs are constantly finding their way into our kitchens, pantries, and even our vitamins.

Vitamin and supplement manufacturers are finding a hard time liberating themselves from companies like Monsanto, who inject GMOs in our daily lives. 85-90% percent of all corn is now genetically modified, and its not just corn, its also soy, papaya, cottonseeds, rice, tomatoes, dairy products….the list goes on. The problem is genetically modified produce is so prevalent in the market that vitamin and supplement companies can’t help but use it. Vitamins C, D, and K are all derived from corn products. Vitamin E is derived from Soybean or cottonseeds, and vitamins A and B are manufactured with a bio-technical process using genetically modified microorganisms.

Even though there hasn’t been any links between dangerous side effects and GMO supplements, there has been some controversy over genetically modified produce. Some reports claim that GMOs cause infertility, cancer, death in animals, decreased lung functions, and even new and strange diseases, check out Morgellons Disease. As much as GMOs are touted as dangerous and peddled to us by the evil corporation, Monsanto, you cannot deny the potential and tremendous benefits of GMOs. Aside from being intolerant of disease, herbicides, cold and drought conditions, “Super Corn” is genetically imbued with vitamins and minerals. The uses of this application can potentially end malnutrition in many third world countries. If given enough time and research, scientists can administer vaccines and medicines through plant products. Being fed vitamins and medicines through enhanced foods is an efficient method of delivery.

Whether you are a supporter or adamantly oppose GMOs, we must all agree that careful consideration must be made about the foods that you eat. Some GMO enriched foods may be passed for organic because of loop-holes in FDA regulations, so make sure you look for the certified organic seal on the label. If you want further information this website can help. It lists GMO-free products by category and all are verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Here at Liquid Health, we believe that its our responsibility to provide the best supplements, GMOs or not. Our Children Complete Multi and Prenatal Multi supplements are GMO free and whole food sourced. We wouldn’t put anything out on the market that we wouldn’t put in our bodies ourselves. If you are interested in carrying or purchasing our specialized liquid nutritional products please contact us as 800.995.6607.


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