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What Causes Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is a natural part of pregnancy and will not harm your infant by any means, but in severe cases, you might be unable to keep any food or fluids down, and if this persists, you could become dehydrated, which is really harmful to your baby. If your urine starts to get dark in color, this is a sign that your fluid levels are too low, and you should meet with your midwife or doctor.

Do I have to get Morning Sickness?

According to what causes morning sickness, not each and every pregnant woman will encounter it, although most do to some extent, and it can differ from a feeling of mild nausea or queasiness which range up to feeling dreadful and not able to keep any food or liquids down. The severity of the effects appears to be greatest in women with a history of migraine or travel sickness.

Theories Explaining what Causes Morning Sickness

Theories abound as to what causes morning sickness, but the most widely recognised thoughts are that it's caused by high hormone levels or lack of food intake. Before heading to the doc's office, or putting medications into the body that may be absorbed by the fetus, many females choose to try a home remedy to cure their sickness and vomiting. Morning sickness is often curtailed, or overcome altogether, but guaranteeing that a woman's stomach is never empty of food. Carrying healthy snacks like peanut butter, crackers, cheese or raisins can aid ensure that this doesn't occur. Many females also report that sipping very hot or very cold liquids also helps keep nausea at bay.

What Causes Morning Sickness

It is not known exactly what causes morning sickness, but most medical doctors agree that the alterations in hormone levels that pregnancy causes are a main component. One of the effects of these hormones is to change the way your digestive system works, which could lead to higher levels of acid. Another possible cause is that numerous women experience a heightened sense of taste and smell while pregnant, which could make nausea feel worse when unpleasant or strong odors are close to.

How Long Does it Take

While numerous females report no forenoon illness at all, and what causes morning sickness, a majority of pregnant females indicate that they have few variation of illness within the first trimester, or three months, of their pregnancies. In spite of what the name suggests, morning sickness can hit at any time of the day, though most often is reported in the morning and early evening hours. Morning sickness can take place over the full range of your pregnancy, but most women find that it more or less goes away by approximately 14 weeks as hormone levels in the body become stable.

What is the Cure

Since we know what causes morning sickness, you will find dozens and dozens of traditional 'cures' for the feelings of nausea, with each and every mother having an opinion on the subject! The truth is that each and every woman's body is different and so no single thing will give good results for everyone. Nevertheless, there are some simple things to test which can assist most really feel much better. Sucking on an ice cube can aid, just like fizzy drinks. Fresh ginger is reputed to calm the stomach, so making a tea from crushed root ginger or also chewing on a piece can be worthy of a try.

Remedies for travel sickness can also help, so it may be worth trying the magnetic wristbands you can purchase, but you ought to never take any medication whilst pregnant without asking your physician. Use of herbs, often found easily over the counter, can also be used. Herbs most commonly used to fight morning sickness are ginger root, peppermint, anise and fennel. Many others report satisfaction from spearmint tastes or lavender scents. Regardless of the method or methods used to halt morning sickness, women can take solace in the fact that it rarely lasts much longer than first few periods!

Lastly, when you're in a bout of morning sickness, do not worry too much with regards to what you are eating - getting enough energy is much more essential than a balanced diet at that moment, so if chocolate makes you really feel better then go for it! You can always stock up on healthier foods when the sickness has abated a little.

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