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Red blood cells travelling through the body

Tips For Controlling Blood Sugar

The American Diabetes Association has said that as many as 79 million people in the United States have pre-diabetes. The scary thing is, many may not even realize it. Learning to control your blood sugar is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle and longevity. It’s important to know how to control your blood sugar so you can avoid further health issues.

How To Start Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

The most important factor in controlling your blood sugar is to eat a healthy diet. Food can play a big role in the levels of glucose found in our blood stream. If you have issues with your blood sugar it is especially important to avoid eating too many carbs. According to, “Monitoring carbohydrates is key because carbs strongly affect your blood sugar.” Some people find that eating and snacking on a regular schedule can help to keep their blood sugar levels in check.

Keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level is also added by getting regular and consistent exercise. shares that, “Exercise improves your body's sensitivity to insulin and stimulates your muscles to use glucose. Studies consistently find improvement in blood sugars after strength training, which usually involves lifting weights to build muscle.” Implementing a workout routine that contains a good balance of strength training and cardio can do a lot to help you maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Using Supplements To Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Another way to help regulate your blood sugar is natural supplementation. Products such as Liquid Health’s Glucose Balance were designed to help a person manage their blood sugar in a healthy and natural way. Liquid Health’s Glucose Balance uses “Ayurvedic herbs to promote your bodies healthy blood sugar levels and support natural pancreas function.”

Having consistently high blood sugar can lead to a number of health problems, such as: kidney disease, heart attacks, an increased risk of infection due to a compromised immune system and neuropathy. These things can be greatly avoided by taking the steps now to keep your blood sugar within a healthy range. Address any questions or concerns about your blood sugar, as well as supplementation, with your doctor.

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