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Why Go Liquid for your Supplements

The Liquid Supplement World

In today’s ever-changing hip modern world there are a plethora of ways to get all the supplements you need. They come in many forms from tablets, soft gels, chewables, powders, capsules to liquids. While there are specific applications to all different types we want to break down all the reasons we choose to go liquid over anything else. The major point being liquid supplements are more easily absorbed.

When it comes to going liquid for your supplements one of the biggest factors that helped us make the decision to go liquid was the flexibility of how an individual can choose the dose that is right for them. With the elderly, they may have a more sensitive digestive tract from aging and therefore will benefit from being able to drop the dosage and work your way up. This gives time for the body to build up to be able to take the proper amount without having to deal with any side effects they may have experienced due to taking a higher dosage when they needed less. Being able to control dosing is also great for children, as everyone is different, they can go with a lower dose to fit their weight.

Know the Facts

A common misconception is that a liquid vitamin will expire very quickly, at Liquid Health Inc all of our products shelf life is two years from the manufactured date. Hardly a quick expiration.

What’s important to remember when going liquid for your supplements is that your body does not need to breakdown liquids, giving you the quicker absorption over capsules or tablets which can take upwards of 30 minutes before they can assimilate. Along with that is the higher potency, more nutrition, you are getting these nutrients at their peak potency. Along with being convenient, you can make yourself a cocktail of supplements, for example the Immune Support for when you’re feeling a cold come on as well as Mega Energy to help give you that extra energy you will probably be need to help fight off the cold. One drink over 5-6 different pills, another reason why you should go liquid for your supplements. Oh and did we mention all the flavors? Tons of fun and tasty flavors is just one more reason to go liquid.

According to the Physician’s Desk Reference studies showed that 85% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed within 20-30 seconds, compared to upwards of 30 minutes from capsules the nutrients are not always delivered effectively compared to their liquid counter parts. The Physicians Desk reference also noted that with pills or capsules only around 40-55% of the nutrients are utilized.

Start your own Supplement Line Today

There are plenty of reasons to go liquid for your supplements, if you are looking to start making more of an impact with your products check out our wholesale page where you can get in on the liquid supplement train.

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