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Eating ice cream with a piece of chocolate next to the beach

Summer Foods to Avoid (Especially if You’re Looking to Lose Weight)

I got this list emailed to me from, so I’m going to use their list, but add my own comments to each item!

High-Fat Meats on the Barbecue – as soon as the weather starts warming up we want to spend as much time outside as possible, and rightfully so, but we don’t have to let it ruin our diets. Chicken, pork and lean beef are better options when grilling out.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game – who doesn’t love a good hotdog? While they may not be super high in calories or fat there is one thing they are VERY high in and that’s sodium! High intakes of sodium can lead to water retention which can lead to weight gain.

Mayonnaise-Based Salads – Mayonnaise is not your friend if you’re looking to lose weight, especially if you’re not using the light or fat-free versions.

Frozen Concoctions – those brightly colored drinks with the umbrellas may be yummy, but there’s a reason they are so sweet. They are incredibly high in sugar.

Satisfying Thirst Quenchers – when it’s hot outside we inevitably drink more to help us stay cool and hydrated. The problem is, the calories in most of our go-to summer drinks (sweet tea, lemonade, juice, etc.) quickly add up, making it hard to reach your goals if you are looking to lose weight.

Refreshing Frozen Treats – Ice Cream is a summer staple, and on its own may not be too bad, but when you start adding in toppings and sauces and huge serving sizes you start entering dangerous territory for your waistline.

Frighteningly Fattening Fair Food – It seems most things at the fair are fried, which is never helpful in your weight loss efforts. Try to avoid anything fried (even though a deep-fried Twinkie sounds amazing) and if you have to give in, consider sharing with your group to cut down on the calories you’re getting.

Salad Toppers – Salads can be really good for you, but like the ice cream it’s the toppings that can be trouble. Bacon, croutons, cheese and dressings add unnecessary calories to a perfectly healthy meal.

Mindless Munching on Snacks – You know the scene, you’re sitting on the porch talking with friends or family and snacking on whatever is in front of you (be it chips, cookies, etc.) next thing you know you’ve eaten a few hundred calories worth of essentially nothing. If you must have food out while visiting, try and choose healthier options like a veggie tray.

Finger-Licking Fried Chicken – Again with the fried food, but we do love it. Better ways to eat chicken if you’re looking to lose weight is skinless and soaked in a marinade or try using a rub or other spices and grilled.

Thanks to I know a few foods I’ll be avoiding this summer! As with anything, if you don’t want to cut something out completely try and have it in moderation and make substitutions in other areas to balance out your caloric intake.

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