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Pros and Cons of Running

Running has been a common form of exercise for years. It was one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to help your body get a good sweat. However, many people are concerned about whether running is the safest and most beneficial form of exercise. Here are the pros and cons of running. Is this form of exercise for you?


Injury – While running can certainly improve our health, there is also a risk of injury. One of the most common injuries from running is called runner’s knee. This injury occurs when the kneecap is not properly aligned. This misalignment causes pain for people who run often. Some ways to help prevent runner’s knee are to stretch, wear proper fitting shoes, and strengthen the muscles that affect it. Most injuries come from pushing your body too hard. Be sure to give your body breaks. Take a few minutes during a long run or even take a day off after running for a few days. Some other potential injuries include iliotibial band syndrome, sprained ankles, shin splints, etc. Wearing appropriate shoes and learning proper form for running can also help prevent injuries. Keep your head forward, your shoulders back, and your feet aligned with your knees.

Too Much Sun Exposure – When running outdoors, too much sun exposure is a risk people take. To avoid this, people running outdoors should wear a 30 SPF sunscreen or wear protective clothing. You can also stick to running during times when the sun is low, like in the early morning or evening.


man and woman running along a sidewalk

Likely to live longer - One study concluded that people who run, even just a little bit, have a lower risk of death and even cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is a heart disease that makes it hard for blood to flow to the body. Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death among men and women. That is why exercise and taking care of our bodies is so vital.

Improves joint health - One of the common misconceptions is that running damages joints. This is not true. Studies have shown that running can improve the health of our joints. Supplements can also help improve joint pain. Liquid Health’s Optimum Joint provides high-quality natural ingredients to keep your joints healthy.

Lower blood pressure – Running, along with other forms of exercise, are great for reducing high blood pressure. It does this by helping the heart push more blood out efficiently. People who have high blood pressure are at a higher risk of blood clots, strokes, and other heart conditions. Maintaining healthy blood pressure is so vital for our overall health. Even if you do not have high blood pressure, it is a great way to prevent it in the future.

Improve circulation – Proper blood flow is vital for many bodily functions. When your circulation is not flowing properly, it can cause health problems like blood clots, Raynaud’s Disease, heart disease, and deep vein thrombosis. People with diabetes should be especially careful. Running is one of the best ways to get the body moving and the blood flowing throughout the body.

There are many pros and cons of running. It all really depends on what health conditions you already have and how careful you are. While there are many risks, running is a great way to improve circulation and cardiovascular health, some of the most common health concerns.


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