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Liquid Joint Supplement For Dogs

Have you ever considered using a liquid joint supplement for dogs? If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know that it can get a little depressing to see it age and become inactive and lethargic when it was once an excited, happy puppy. Fortunately, there are liquid joint supplements for dogs that can be very helpful. Dogs, like humans, tend to run out of steam in their old age. Part of this may be due to weaker joints.

Accordingly, many pet stores market joint supplements for dogs, which comprise ingredients that are believed to support joint and bone health. But these supplements often come in tablets or chews, which means that dogs taking these supplements could be absorbing as little as 50% of the amounts of nutrients listed on the supplement facts label. Liquid supplements are generally a bit more expensive than conventional tablets (they require advanced equipment and specialized ingredients), but their absorbability is significantly higher and they are easier to mix in with your dog’s food or water. A liquid joint supplement for dogs would theoretically be more effective and easier to use than comparable tablets or chews. But let’s look at some of the most popular ingredients in these dog joint supplements.

Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs
Glucosamine is a specialized monosaccharide (simple sugar) that is commercially derived from the outer skeletons of certain crustaceans (usually shellfish) or from certain grains, like corn or wheat. Liquid glucosamine is generally marketed as being able to support and sustain the joints through its complex anti-inflammatory action, and many people with osteoarthritis use a glucosamine supplement in the hopes that it will alleviate their joint pain, though it is currently illegal in the U.S. for supplement manufacturers to claim that their supplements can treat or prevent any health condition.

Studies indicate that liquid glucosamine is safe for human consumption, with a few mild, infrequent adverse effects. This likely means that a quality liquid glucosamine is safe for dogs to ingest. Clinical trials conducted on the efficacy of glucosamine have yielded mixed results, so more trials are needed to better understand what health benefits glucosamine may offer.

Chondroitin sulfate (commonly referred to as chondroitin) is a sulfated complex carbohydrate and a major component in cartilage, the connective tissue that keeps bones together. Chondroitin is classified an over-the-counter or prescription drug in many European countries, but in the U.S. it is still regulated as a dietary supplement. Chondroitin is commonly used to treat osteoarthritis, and multi-million dollar clinical trials involving chondroitin generally test it in conjunction with glucosamine. The results and designs of these trials have been somewhat controversial, but time will tell whether or not chondroitin will be considered effective at treating osteoarthritis and joint pain. Many of today's dog glucosamine formulas include chondroitin.

Manganese is a trace mineral that is found in small quantities throughout the body. It plays a role in a variety of different bodily functions, including the formation of connective tissues and bones. Few studies have been specifically conducted on manganese’s inherent ability to treat osteoporosis or similar conditions, but some studies indicate that manganese may be effective when used alongside other pertinent minerals, like copper and zinc.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid (formally known as hyaluronan) is a non-sulfated complex carbohydrate that is found in various tissues throughout the body, including skin and connective tissues. Through a certain technical process, the details of which would be tedious to discuss here, hyaluronic acid is sometimes used as a tumor marker for breast cancer and prostate cancer. It is also FDA-approved for use in certain eye surgeries. For osteoarthritis, hyaluronic acid can either be injected directly into the affected joints or taken orally.

If you are interested in marketing a liquid joint supplement for dogs that includes the above ingredients, we can help you out. Whether you are looking to utilize our private labeling services for our extensive selection of stock formulas or our full-service contract manufacturing, our team will guide you through the process and ensure that you end up with the right supplement for your business.

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