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Liquid Iron Supplement: Benefits and Reason To Take One

Your body needs iron. If not through food like fish, meat, fortified cereals and certain leafy greens, you will need to take iron supplements in the form of iron vitamin tablets, multivitamin with iron tablets, or even liquid iron supplements.

Facts About Liquid Iron Supplements

As we all know, iron is a mineral and our bodies need iron to survive. Basically, what Iron does in your body is carry oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is found in muscle cells myoglobin and red blood cells haemoglobin. Iron helps to carry oxygen through red blood cells from the lungs to cells all over your body. After it is delivered, iron supports the carrying of carbon dioxide waste back to the lungs from where it will be exhaled. As mentioned earlier, if your diet does not include food with the sufficient daily dose of iron, you should take iron supplements.

Liquid Supplements with Iron

Supplements of iron come in different forms. Commonly, they come in capsules. For people who have trouble swallowing capsules, iron vitamin tablets, multivitamin with iron tablets or any other iron supplement comes in an effervescent formula as an alternative. For people who prefer to have a fizzy flavoured drink, this would help. The most common form is the liquid iron supplement. These are ideal for people who would like to get over with taking any form of iron supplements quickly. On the flip side, there are people who prefer to take liquid iron supplements for the flavor. This is a form of iron supplement, and the most effective one at that. Liquid iron supplements are easy to take, absorbs faster, and provides the recommended 100% daily dose of iron. They help optimize your iron levels in the most effective and efficient manner. The form of iron used in iron supplements is Amino Acid Chelate which is a water soluble and a highly absorbable form of iron.

The Need to Take Liquid Iron Supplements

In whatever form it is taken, the need to take iron supplements is vital. A liquid iron supplement is usually taken in the following situations.

(1) You take Iron-reducing medication as prescribed by your doctor.

(2) You exercise. When you exercise, iron functions through your body more rapidly. For this reason, people who regularly exercise, should take about 30% more of iron in the form of iron vitamin tablets, multivitamin with iron tablets or liquid iron supplements, than adults who are less active.

(3) You have an infant. The only way a baby can store excess iron is through its mother while they are still in the womb. These stores will be put to use during the first six months when they are nursing. There is only so much daily dose that mother’s milk can provide the baby with. So nature would have its own way of dealing things.

(4) You are pregnant. While pregnant, as mentioned above, for babies to store excess amounts of iron, and for that extra energy that pregnant women would during those nine months, sufficient amounts of iron should be taken. Iron supplements are a quick and effective way to be sure that you have your daily intake both for you and the baby.

Benefits of Liquid Iron Supplements

· People who are diagnosed with severe anaemia are immediately treated with liquid iron supplements. The treatment is quick and the absorption of iron into the body is comparatively faster when compared to iron supplement pills.

· Studies show that accumulation of liquid iron supplementation in iron lacking pregnant women improves both infant and maternal iron stores more effectively

· These supplements are best absorbed by the body. In some emergency cases, injections are also given either intramuscularly or intravenously. They are the most effective form of supplement that ensures your body has the right levels of iron needed.

Administration and Dosage of a Liquid Iron Supplement

Iron supplements like iron vitamin tablets, multivitamin with iron tablets are usually administered orally, and ideally a couple of hours before or after a meal. For people who are not tolerant to oral administration of pills are advised liquid iron supplement for its ease. Dosage should be administered only with the prescription of a doctor and should not exceed the daily usage which will only do harm than good.

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