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Immune Balance 365: What's So Great About It?

Immune Balance 365 is a daily use supplement that supports and shields the areas vital to immune health. Much more than a simple vitamin c tablet, Immune Balance 365 is a sophisticated synergistic multisystem supplement in a highly absorbable liquid form. It provides cutting edge support to the 6 main areas of immune health. Nutrient absorption, Antioxidants, Stress/cortisol balance, Immunomodulation, Adaptogens, and Intestinal Health.

1.) Stress and Cortisol - Stress is a major factor in nearly all forms of significant illness from heart disease to compromised immune health. There is truth to the statement “stress kills”. Some studies indicate chronic stress as a more harmful factor than cigarette smoking in terms of overall wellbeing. Cortisol, a helpful hormone when occasionally released in times of stress, can become harmful after states of prolonged or chronic stress. Higher levels of cortisol have been correlated to weakened immune response, increased belly fat, fatigue, and longer recovery times for illness. Studies of Sensoril, (a standardized extract of ashwagandha), contained within Immune balance 365 demonstrated a 69% reduction in perceived stress and 24% Reduction in serum cortisol.

2.) Advanced Immunomodulators - The immune system is often misunderstood and oversimplified with claims being made that a product will “boost” this complex system. The problem with “boosting” is there are elements of the immune system, such as the innate system, that pushed out of balance may lead to inflammation, pain, and allergic itching. With the science and technology available today a more appropriate tactic is to “balance” the immune defenses by using natural phytonutrients to give the body an abundance of the nutritional components it needs to maintain healthy barriers and a ready to go immune response.

Our primary immunomodulator is maitake gold 404, a standardized extract of maitake mushroom guaranteed by the producer to be immune-active. It has been clinically shown to increase phagocytosis, cytokine, interleukin, and natural killer activity. Each of these being beneficial components of the innate and adaptive immune response. Immune balance 365 also contains the powerful Black elderberry, which has demonstrated prominent immunomodulating benefits and significant reduction in time to recovery from illness.

3.) Intestinal Health/Digestive Support. Get better not Diarrhea. - When considering immune response many people don’t factor in the importance of intestinal health. Antibiotics are often inappropriately prescribed for viral illness, which can lead to antibiotic resistance and destruction of the normal flora or healthy bacteria that colonize the intestinal tract. With the healthy bacteria gone, nutrient absorption decreases and other harmful bacteria can colonize the intestines leading to further illness, particularly diarrhea. In contrast to antibiotics Immune balance 365 contains Nutraflora ScFos, a “prebiotic” or food for the desirable or “good” intestinal bacteria. This natural prebiotic is then able to feed and fortify rather than destroy the beneficial bacteria in your intestines, thus maintaining a strong barrier against opportunistic disease and diarrhea.

4.) Bioavailable Antioxidants- The National Cancer Institute gives the following definition for antioxidants: “Antioxidants are substances that may protect cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Free radical damage may lead to cancer. Antioxidants interact with and stabilize free radicals and may prevent some of the damage free radicals might otherwise cause. Examples of antioxidants include beta-carotene, lycopene, vitamins C, E, and A, and other substances.” Immune balance contains vitamins C and E in levels sufficient to provide powerful antioxidant ability and support to circulatory health. To further ensure bioavailability Immune Balance 365 also includes ACTIValoe which has been shown to increase bioavailability of vitamin C and E by 204% and 269% respectively!

5.) Adaptogens - Who wouldn’t like to be more resilient and capable when it comes to fighting off disease. Immune Balance 365 contains the adaptogens Rhodiola and Eleuthero. Adaptogens are substances that enhance the bodies resistance to outside stressors including fatigue, mental stress, germs, and trauma. Studies have shown both Eleuthero and Rhodiola as supports to the bodies natural ability to reduce stress, combat fatigue and improve resistance to disease.

6.) Safe For Daily use- People get sick 365 days a year not just in times of winter. So to provide this year round protection it’s important to take a supplement that is safe for daily use. Unlike antibiotics or Echinacea which are taken after an illness and are only safe for a short period of time, the vitamins and phytonutrients found in Immune balance 365 are safe for daily use. Furthermore by providing essential nutrients and vitamins such as C, D, and E, protective barriers such as skin, oral, and lung surfaces can be better fortified by healthy tissue and protective enzymes.

So this winter and spring, and summer, and fall… Be proactive, be balanced, wash your hands, and avoid unnecessary illness.

To Your health!
Dave Rigby PA-C, MS, Member of American Society of Nutrition

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