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Woman sitting on grass and holding cracked coconut

Health Benefits of Coconuts

Coconuts are known for their tasty, tropical flavor. They are seen all over places like Hawaii and Fiji. Many people have claimed coconuts to be a “superfood”. What does that mean exactly and what are the health benefits of coconuts?

Coconut Oil for Hair

Throughout the Polynesian Islands, women have used coconut oil in their hair for years. Coconut oil retains moisture in the hair. Since it does not evaporate as quickly as water, it can hold moisture in the hair longer. This helps prevent hair from becoming dry and damaged. Coconut oil has even been used as a conditioner!

Many people also struggle with dandruff. Coconut oil helps by preventing this dry and flaky phenomenon. Just mix coconut oil with either castor or sesame oil and massage into your scalp for a few minutes right before washing your hair. There are many other ways to use coconut oil in your hair, but these are the most common.

Coconut Oil for Skin

Another use for coconut oil is on the skin. Many people use Coconut oil as a moisturizer to treat dry skin. People have been using it for this purpose for years. It is even in many lotions and moisturizers. People have also used it to treat eczema. It will not clear the skin of eczema, but studies have shown that it can improve it. Coconut oil has even been used as a sunscreen!

Good Source of Vitamins

Coconuts on a tree in health benefits of coconuts

Although coconuts contain unhealthy saturated fats, they also have a lot of healthy vitamins. Coconuts are a great source of vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese. Your body needs Vitamin B6 for proper nerve function. It also helps your body create antibodies to fight illness. Coconut water is a good source of potassium. This is a mineral your body needs to function properly. It is an electrolyte that helps with nerves and muscles in your body. Coconut flour is even a great source of fiber.

Overall, coconuts are very healthy and almost every part of the coconut can be used. Although not every part is healthy, the health benefits of coconuts are endless. Make sure to also check out our article, Health Benefits of Drinking Water to find out why it is important for your body to stay hydrated. Our Complete Multiple is another great way to make sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need.


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