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Common Benefits of Liquid Vitamins vs Pills

Are liquid vitamins better than pills? In the great debate of liquid vitamins vs pills, the benefits of liquid vitamins are greatly acclaimed by many. Benefits that revolve around the claim of liquid vitamins having the best absorption rate, as high as 95% have become widely publicized.

Originally, vitamins came only in the form of tablets and capsules. With the growth and expansion of the supplement industry, vitamin products are now available in a variety of forms from powder to pills and liquid form. This gives you, the consumer, the benefit of having a wide range of choices when choosing how to take your vitamins and supplements. However, it also can be a drawback in that it causes confusion when deciding which form to use, liquid or a pill. Here are some of the benefits of taking liquid vitamins and liquid supplements that should make your decision easier.

Better Absorption and Bioavailability with Liquid Vitamins

Just like medication, ease and speed of absorption is a main benefit of liquid vitamins is usually better. Bioavailability is the fraction of the swallowed dose that is absorbed. In general, liquid vitamins have a higher bioavailability than pills making the liquid vitamins vs pills debate somewhat moot in this area. They are made up of already dissolved nutrients, hence have the best absorption into your blood stream which is immediate after swallowing. This property also allows absorption to take place in both the stomach and the small intestines.

In contrast, pills have to completely disintegrate then dissolve into liquid form in the stomach before intestinal absorption. A complete breakdown is not always guaranteed and un-dissolved nutrients cannot be absorbed. Compacting over 100 nutrients into a pill requires sophisticated formulation technology which is not only complex but also does not come cheap. Therefore, most companies opt to make cheap low-quality pills which are not easily disintegrated and absorbed. Now you can make a more informed decision to answer the question “Are liquid vitamins better than pills?”

Liquid Vitamins: Ease of Swallowing and Improved Taste

You cannot argue with the fact that taking a spoonful of good tasting liquid vitamins beats swallowing a bulky pill. This is an important factor for many and a unique benefit of liquid vitamins and supplements. This is especially true in the case of children, the elderly and the sick who find swallowing hard solids difficult. In addition, manufacturers have done a great job of masking the flavor of liquid vitamins with juice extracts.

Liquid Vitamins vs Pills: The Ease of Digestion

Another benefit of liquid vitamins compared to pills is when it comes to ease of digestion. Here, there’s no contest when comparing liquid vitamins vs pills. It is easier for the body to digest liquids than solids. Vitamins are mixed up with food and digested in the stomach and then presented to the small intestines for absorption into the blood stream. The bulk fillers that make up most cheap vitamins in tablet form that you are likely to find in supermarket shelves are resistant to digestion. This means that up to 90% of these pills are likely to pass out of your body undigested and unabsorbed which translates to a waste of your hard earned money. Liquid vitamins, on the other hand, do not need digestion since they contain nutrients in a soluble state.

Liquid Vitamins Are More Natural

Liquid vitamins are commonly derived from plants, unlike pills which are usually synthetic. Pills may contain up to 80% binders, fillers, chelating agents, stabilizers and film coatings. Are liquid vitamins better because of their more natural composition? Most people reply with a resounding “Yes”. Just another one of the common benefits of using liquid vitamins instead of pills.

Liquid Vitamins Should Not Upset Your Stomach

One more of the common benefits of liquid vitamins vs pills is how you feel when taking them. The fillers in many pills are more likely to cause stomach upsets as compared to liquid vitamins. This is because many pill manufacturers use harmful ingredients such as polyvinyl alcohol and synthetic vitamin E. Most liquid vitamins do not since they are no longer needed. This means that liquid vitamins can be easily and effectively assimilated by immature digestive systems of children and attenuated digestive systems of the seniors.

Optimized Nutrient Quantities

The liquid form of vitamins ensures maximum nutritional benefit, unlike pills. Nutrient combinations in liquid vitamins are also more accurately formulated in terms of beneficial levels and ratios. The liquid form delivers nutrients at a lower concentration than pills. This not only maximizes the absorptive process but also reduces the risk of overloading the carrying capacity of carrier proteins and gastric discomfort.

Economics and Cost Effectiveness of Liquid Vitamins

You obviously want the best of both price and quality. Liquid vitamins may appear to be more expensive than pills. However, if you consider that only about 10% of the nutrients are absorbed from the pill and up to 95% of nutrients from a liquid, then the liquid nutrient turns out to be much more economical. Purchasing one or two inclusive liquid formulas is also more economical than buying a similar number of individual nutrients in different bottles of pills. The verdict for liquid vitamins vs pills is that liquid vitamins deliver a number of benefits over traditional pills to provide a higher level of effectiveness as you pursue good health.

The market offers a large variety of liquid vitamins to meet your wellness needs but it is your choice whether to take liquid vitamin or a solid pill. Next time, enjoy a sweet smoothie and enjoy drinking your daily vitamins. Remember, always consult with your doctor before taking any vitamin or supplement. As you can see, there are several distinct benefits of liquid vitamins compared to taking pills. So, next time you're in search of the perfect vitamin or supplement, think "liquid" and look for a premium name brand such as Liquid Health.

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