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Can the Light from Screens Harm Your Skin?

With the increase in the use of technology and screens, there has been a lot of concern about the effects they may have on our health. Plenty of research has proven how they can damage our eyes and our sleep cycles. However, can the light from screens harm your skin?

What is blue light?

First off, what is blue light? This is the type of light that emits from screens such as cell phones, laptops, and even your television. It has already been proven to affect sleeping patterns. Staring at a screen right before bed can slow the production of the hormone melatonin. You need melatonin to feel drowsy and doze off. Now, people are wondering if these same rays of light can harm your skin as well.

Effects on your skin

A few studies have been done to try to discover exactly how blue light rays affect your skin. However, research is still very limited. Based on what has been studied, blue light can be both damaging and beneficial. Dermatologists have also been using it to help treat acne. Treatments include 15 to 30-minute sessions over a few weeks.

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Although blue light has been known to help treat acne, it is done safely and in small increments. This does not mean that the light from your screens will help improve your acne. Some research has even suggested that too much exposure to blue light can cause pigmentation and photoaging. However, there is not enough research to indicate how true this is. They have concluded that too much blue light from the sun should be a bigger concern for you than the blue light from your screens.

What you can do

Can the light from screens harm your skin? It may, but with little evidence, it is hard to know. If you are concerned about the blue light emitted from your screens, there are steps you can take yourself. Some of these steps include:

  • Limiting your screen time
  • Adding a blue light filter to your screens
  • Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day

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