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Best Self-Care Podcasts

Taking care of yourself is so important. Between work, school, taking care of family, etc., it can be hard to make time for yourself. Maybe you are just unsure how to go about it. Maybe you need an extra push or some motivation. We have compiled some of the best self-care podcasts we were able to find for you!

The Healthy Maven

This is one of the most popular self-care podcasts out there. The host of the show, Davida Lederle, covers a lot of fun and helpful topics. She even has a healthy living blog full of great information. This specific episode discusses learning to love yourself exactly the way you are. So many people feel like they need validation from others to be happy and Sophie explains why that is not the case and how you can begin to change your mindset.

Self-Acceptance and Manifesting Your Dream Life with Sophie Gray

Happy Place

This podcast has many episodes that are full of interviews with well-known people. The host, Fearne Cotton, of the podcast has a fun accent and is so captivating to listen to. She picks the brains of these people and finds out how they stay happy in life and more.

The Happy Place Podcast

The Chasing Joy Project

This podcast focuses on self-care and trying to find joy and happiness in life. The host, Georgie Morley, interviews people who cover topics from mental health to fitness and more. She has a lot of great questions for them to help you get the best tips and information from successful people.

The Chasing Joy Project Podcast

The Paul Minors Podcast

Paul Minors lives in New Zealand and is the host of the show. He has a lot of great podcasts that go over both self-care and entrepreneur lifestyle. In this episode, Paul interviews an entrepreneur and asks her about healthy daily routines. The advice given is not just for entrepreneurs but is great advice for anyone.

Work-life balance, self-care and morning routines with Megan Yelaney

The Ziglar Show

girl listening to podcast on her phone

This podcast has so many great episodes, you will want to listen to them all! The host, Kevin Miller, of the show is a personal development expert and he has so much great advice for listeners. The entire show focuses on self-care and making good habits.

The Ziglar Show Podcast

Listening to podcasts can be such a great way to learn more and feel inspired. They have been a great way for people to gain more knowledge while being able to do other things like drive, exercise, or work on hobbies. Hopefully, these best self-care podcasts will help you feel inspired yourself. Don’t forget to also check out our liquid supplements. Liquid Health’s vitamin supplements are all in liquid form for better absorption of vitamins and minerals.

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