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Balancing a Multi-Vitamin With a Healthy Diet

Balancing a Multi-Vitamin with a healthy diet may seem like a hard task. As it turns out it is not as difficult as you might think. A well-balanced diet is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. Eating right is always a good option to get the nutrients that your body needs. However, most people don't get enough of the vitamins and minerals that their body needs to function at its full potential even when they are maintaining a pretty balanced diet. That is where a multi-vitamin comes in. Read more to understand what a multi-vitamin is and if one is right for you.

What is a Multi-Vitamin?

A multi-vitamin is defined as a supplement that contains more than one vitamin. Knowing this can better help you understand how they work and if taking one is right for you. Multi-vitamins are not a replacement for eating healthy. They are rather used to supplement a healthy diet and ensure that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals that it needs. Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D., the director of the Antioxidants Research Laboratory, and professor of nutrition at Tufts University gave an analogy about multi-vitamins. He says, "Think of multivitamins as an insurance policy, but don’t fool yourself into thinking dietary supplements measure up to the benefits of maintaining healthy body weight, eating right, and getting regular physical activity."

Who should be taking one?

If you are wondering if you should take a daily multi-vitamin Many health experts advise you to do so. They advise this because a balanced diet can go a long way to getting the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy; however, most people do not eat right every day. The body is not getting the vitamins and minerals it needs through the diet so some form of supplements. If you want to read more about why the body needs vitamins and minerals we have a blog post you can read here.

Balancing a Multi-Vitamin With a Healthy Diet

Balancing a Multi-Vitamin With a Healthy Diet

Meir Stampfer, MD, DrPH, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School says, “When we compare recommendations for vitamin and mineral intakes to actual consumption, many Americans do not even come close to getting what they need for several nutrients." People are not getting the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. Harvard Medical School suggests these foods to get certain vitamins in your diet.

  • Vitamin B: Lean beef, turkey, tuna, eggs
  • Vitamin D: Salmon, tuna, lean beef, vitamin D-fortified milk and yogurt, egg yolk
  • Iron: Liver, oysters, beans, lentils, lean beef
  • Magnesium: Spinach, kale, and other leafy green vegetables; legumes
  • Calcium: Dairy products, salmon, sardines, and dark leafy greens

Eating these foods along with taking a daily multivitamin can help ensure that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

Where can I get a Multi-Vitamin?

Getting your hands on a multi-vitamin can be as easy as hopping online or taking a trip to your local health foods store. If you are looking to grab some for yourself then you can check out our Complete Multiple or our Children's Multi for your kids and find a store near you. If you are a retailer looking to sell our products in your store please check out our wholesale page for more information.


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